wallby Super money needs a super app!

One app for the whole Bitcoin ecosystem

Wallby is the only place where you can access Bitcoin and all its layer 2 networks and side-chain protocols


All your assets in one place,
truly yours

  • Self-sovereign
    You are the only owner of your assets
  • One backup
    One recovery phrase for all networks and for all your assets
  • Stablecoin support
    Manage Tether on Liquid and other stablecoins on Rootstock
  • NFT
    Gather your NFTs and browse your collection

Bitcoin DeFi in your hands

  • Swap
    Swap bitcoin and other tokens in a decentralized environment
  • Liquidity Pools
    Add bitcoin and other tokens to liquidity pools and earn interest
  • Lending (Coming Soon)
    Offer bitcoin and other tokens to earn interest
  • Borrowing (Coming Soon)
    Borrow bitcoin and other tokens from lenders

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